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HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

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E-234477 HALO Bolt ACDC MAX Jump Starter, Charger, Outlet w/ LCD Display $99.96

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Re: HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

Oh boy, can't wait for yet another presentation on a Halo.  And who named those colors? 

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Re: HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

My issue w/the HALO jump starters are the plastic clamps.  Easy to break. 

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Re: HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

This is a great product! We've had to use it a couple of times in below freezing temps, and had absolutely no problems with the clamps ever breaking.

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Re: HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

It's advertized as the most powerful but it looks like only 1 120v plug for a lamp,etc and 2 usb ports.


@Mz iMac yikes....I didn't realize the jumper clips were plastic!



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Re: HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

I bought two of these at Christmas time.  I haven't used it for jump starting a car but I did use it for inflating a pool float and it was a joke.  It didn't work at all.

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Re: HALO Jump-starter TSV 5/30

I don’t have a problem with them repeating it, would never have heard of this if it wasn’t for QVC and it’s saved me a few times now jumping my car!!! I got the mini one as a TSV, so it was cheaper. Yes the clamps are plastic but you don’t have to put them through a lot of wear and tear, just like in the demos it takes maybe a minute to jump a car. My ex who is an auto mechanic got one for his shop and said all car mechanics love these so I think that’s good endorsement, if you don’t have one yet or need a good husband/dad gift.