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Great buy on win7 starter upgrade

Anyone having a netbook with the windows 7 starter edition wanting full edition has probably found it costs 80.00. go to amazon and get it for 56.00. If you want a netbook, order one there and get the windows upgrade at the same time for only 19.99. It will show the 56.00 price until you get to checkout, then it gives you a subtracted discount. I got the acer dual core red netbook that was tsv here twice, the upgrade and a red mini mouse for 362.00 and free shipping and no sales tax.

Edited to add, put windows 7 starter upgrade in the search box at amazon. It will popup a page with the upgrade listed first. Click on it and in fine blue print it will say buy any of qualifying pcs and get the upgrade for 19.99. Click there and all qualifying pcs will be shown. Select the laptop or netbook and the upgrade by checking the box on the left of each, then click add to cart. That way, you will get the discounted price at checkout.

If you need a backup system for your pc, QVC price on click free is very good for a 500 gig. It was on installment payments when last I checked also. 99.00 is the price.