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Has anyone used this? I'm a bit skeptical.

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I haven't tried it, but I honestly cannot stand Jamie...I think she comes across as a fake...JMO

~ Hope in TN ~
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No I have not tried microneedling. But I can say this is available other places, as a non-electrical device. There is no reason it needs to be an electrical device (other than someone is making a lot of profit)!  Read up and look around if you want to try microneedling- 

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Google product and you can find many reviews. They seem to be mixed.

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She just did her arm and right after she did it that area was noticeably red!

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The thought of poking holes in my skin isn’t very appealing - not to mention the exposure to all sorts of problems that can cause.
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$200 to poke holes in my skin?  Talk about an invitation to bacteria and infection!! YUK.  I'll set my money aside for my next trip.  

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I only saw the demo with Leah toward the end of her show this morning ... and I won't be watching any TV for the rest of the day (going out shortly).  I did see the one model using but didn't pay much attention.  


Are any of the hosts allowing themselves to be punctured by this device?


Normally they get in on all the beauty items.   



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I absolutely love micro needling and find that it helps rejuvenate my skin. The tiny holes put into our skin is micro, unable to see them with the naked eye.


I do it regularly and will continue, it's been a godsend to my skin.

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No I haven't ... but it looks painful to me.  Any kind of needles scare me.