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Logo is a hit or miss for me.....Lori offers a lot that I love....but just as many that are a miss for me. 


I often find the fit to be off as well for my body type.  If it fits in the bust for me, then often the hip area is way to abundant with fabric which makes me look like I'm expecting...not a good look!


Some of her pants are among my favorites, yet I find that every time she offers a cardigan or jacket she loves to style it with the top button closed and the rest open which is a look that I personally can't stand....I love an open looking neckline but that's just me.

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She earned her place I would say.  Not take that away from anyone.

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The teen-ager in me comes out -   first thought when I saw the title of this thread was "Whatever."    


I get dressed every day in clothes I like.  Sometimes I could tell you the brands I am wearing without looking at the labels, but I can't think of any for which I could tell you the designer.  








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just because she styles people doesn't make her a good stylist. Look at the people she styled, none of which I would choose to copy.
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I have a couple of LOGO cooler weather dresses. I wore them to work with stylish boots, felt comfortable, and received compliments. I also have a warmer weather LOGO dress that I wear with sneakers & sandals. I like Lori's dresses because they work for the office & casual times, the fit & cut work well for me (I'm on the small side), and the fabrics & prints are unique & pretty.

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Before she came to QVC, I had never heard of her or seen her stuff---but then I don't care much about the fashion scene and never have. Not a fan of the weird patterns or colors or layering 14 pieces on top of each other. And everything looks the same. this TSV is just a longer version of the many tops she has , IMO---

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@PhillyGirl23 wrote:

'Lori Goldstein is one of the most desired/sought-after stylists in the country.....'


I beg to differ!!!

@PhillyGirl23   How do you know?  Do you hire stylists?  I understand as a stylist, she had some really big name customers.

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hard to imagine that statement is inline today...I saw a very large woman today dressed in what looked like layers of her tops.


The lace border was around her hip area, the shark bite hanging below, looked like she had "tutu" on instead of top.  This woman IMO looked downright ridiculous.


My dress style is more traditional.  I like clean lines.


Of course, the models I've seen are always thin and frankly, even she looks sloppy IMO.  I've never understood the sloppy baggy look (or maybe I'm just too old!).

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I too would be interested to know which host said this and if they said she "was" one of the most desire/sought after stylists or "is". 


No I don't hire stylists but I do read magazines and I do watch red carpet events and I've never heard one person recently say they were styled by Lori Goldstein.