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I am disappointed in the price of this bracelet.  The price should be varied by size.  There is a quarter more gemstones in the large yet it is the same price as the small.  Most retailers vary the price so you pay for what you receive and not for what you don't.  

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ITA,  I was surprised at the price too.  I know jewelry has become a lot more expensive lately but wow,  I am happy I have more than I can actually wear already!  

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I thought it was pricey, too, especially for a TSV.  It is pretty though.

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It is okay. Maybe they charged the small bracelet price for all sizes, so you are only paying for what you receive & the larger size got a free bonus.

Do you have a similar bracelet in mind that is priced that way? Maybe you could purchase that one & not this one?

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I think if you shop around you can find them at lower prices, especially that garnet.

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I thought the TSV was pricey for sterling silver and not so intensely colored gemstones. Not tempted, even when they try to weave the bracelet into changing our moods!

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I was surprised at this price too; to me, it appears to be a pretty  thin line bracelet I also think is a bit pricey. I really don't like the multistone either, good gems but they don't look good in this one.


And I agree with one price for all sizes - and there are a lot of them. This isn't a fair deal for everyone.


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I am so happy with the citrine ring and citrine necklace I got from Macy's sale last week. Great prices and very pretty.

The ring was 60.00. necklace was 20.00 and the little faux diamond tennis bracelet was 20.00!

For some reason I am really liking the citrine which I never had before. I got the earrings from hsn with my coupon!

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So... it still wouldn't be fair to ladies with small wrists. Why shouldn't they get a "discount". 

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When they price bracelets like this, sometimes you might hear the host or vendor (if one) say the buy the biggest size and take to a jeweler to have the bracelet sized down and earrings or ring made with the extra stones.