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Personally I think this jacket is just plain ugly--I see no high end fashion statement at all in this garment. It looks like a straight jacket on everybody--not flattering on anybody and I would think twice before I spent my money on this TSV--but to each his own!!

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I liked it even less when I saw it on some of the models "styled" with their tops underneath hanging way down. Not a look I'd want to be seen in. But then, again, not sure what one should wear under that style of short jacket.

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A host wore it zipped yesterday and it appeared to be a couple sizes too small, I noticed it was coming unzipped while trying on shoes, I love the style of the jacket, but it clearly doesn't work for us shorter, not thin, women.
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This jacket is definitely not for me...don't like the huge collar or the points in front. Thought everyone - including Lisa - wore the jacket too tightly and it looked like a real fail on most.

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as someone else said....this is NOT a classic spend over two hundred dollars on a jacket you won't be wearing six months from now....I haven't seen anyone that it looks good on...other then Amy...but she had it hanging open...maybe zipped up it might not have been..

LR can say the short in the back makes you look slim all she wants...but it does not...makes everyone's behind stick out and look heavy...pulling tight around your bust and waist only makes you looked stuffed into it...

for sure I would never be able to wear it...nor would I want to...if I am going to spend that kind of money....I want to know I can grab and go wearing it this year...and look good no matter where I am going....

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I saw it on Pat & Jayne this morning. It reminds me of a jacket from Bradley Bayou purchased years ago that I have in my closet, so I don't need another one like that.

Enjoy it if you buy it.

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I also think that jacket is too busy w/all the zippers and snaps.

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I ordered three - blush, black, and British tan. I ordered my Italian designer size. I probably will not keep all three, but I could not decide. I think the jacket will be flattering and versatile. I am only 5'3" so the length will be fine for me. I ordered the blush early and I should receive today so I will repost my opinion.

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On 12/5/2014 Vickie00 said:

On the morning show Pat said she is a "full" 8 and that is the size jacket she had on. But she admitted that it if she were to order it she'd go up to a 10 as she carries her weight in her waist and prefers more room than the size 8 had as this is a fitted style.

Jane said she can wear either a 10 or 12 in QVC clothes and said she had on the 12 in the jacket since this is fitted. She also said she had been concerned, since she is busty, how this would fit, so going up to a 12 is what worked for her.

It seems the general recommendation is to go up a size if one of the following is true:

1. Busty

2. Carry your weight in your waist

3. Don't like a fitted style

4. Want room to layer a sweater underneath

I would add another to your list: You can't be short waisted to wear this jacket. You need a large span between your boobs and your waist.

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I just don't like it. Wayyyy too much going on. The ruffle in the back, big collar, diagonal zipper.