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Anybody get the Special Value at HSN yesterday??

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Got two.  Black and navy palm.

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I thought that these were very cute.

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No, but they were definitely my style--pockets, good length,, nice selection of prints/colors..  Have no need for or place to wear them but IMO they were a good buy.  I have a couple of tops from her and they are good quality and fit.





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No I didn't.  I thought about the navy palm but changed my mind.

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I also liked the navy palm but didn't order.  I have a few of her items and I can take them or leave them.  Have a hard time with fit in her line for some reason.  I like her but expect more quality, as she always brags on how her dad was a tailor and that's how she learned about clothing......Plus I didn't like how it seemed to be snug on the models mid section.

After two babies, at this point in my life I need a bit more room in that area.  


Please write on here again when you receive them, I would be interested to know how the fit is.  I hope it's great for those who ordered.

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I thought they were cute but not for me.  I always like jumpsuits on others but my body type just doesn't do well with them.  

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I got the navy and lightweight cropped sweater- Cute! I never had a jumpsuit but it looked so cool and easy for summer, I had to try it!

The funniest story was Amy M. Telling how with other jumpsuits she asks her hubby while out in public help to get the zipper started for her- and he unzips it all the way!! 
This one has easy open snap in the front and pockets. Cute design. Hope it fits- Enjoy the weekend! ☀️🌸

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I got the jumpsuit last year.  I have not worn a jumsuit in 25yrs, because I hate getting in and out of them.  Last years was so easy!  I was really happy with it.  It was full length though, and I bought petite, because I never where heels anymore.  A wedge is my limit.  Anyhow, I loved it.  I ordered 2 yesterday on waitlist.  I will just wear with flip flops or tennis shoes.  Hope we love them!  

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Her jumpsuits are amazing! I bought two of them last year and bought 2 of her current special-spruce and clay snake with the sweaters.  The sweaters are the same as last year and very cute too.  She is one of the few designers to do tall jumpsuits. These fit great and are so comfy!