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What do you all think of the TS jegging? I love her tee shirts but not sure about the pants. Can anyone weigh in with their opinion, I am thinking about ordering these. Thanks.

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I love G fashions generally, and her pant cuts often fit me, but the jeggings sure look skin tight, which isn't my preference- I like a little skin breathing rooom! If you wear your pants tight, these are good! 

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I have some of her other jeans and like them, but I don't like the look of these so much.  Oddly enough, the point of no side seams, which is what they are saying is the advantage of this style, just doesn't appeal to me.  I think it doesn't look as finished or tidy or structured as pants with a side seam.  Just me, I guess.


Also, this morning I didn't care for how they looked on the host and representing vendor (not Guiliana).  It may be that they were wearing a size too small for my liking, but the jeggings looked very wrinkled at all points, and on the very thin side.  Maybe if they had been wearing a size larger it would have looked better.

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She is a good sales person but I've never had luck with her line.  I've tried several of her jeans and some tops over the years, none of which I still own.  Donated all of them, sadly.

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Nor I @LindaSal 


The things I tried were of such poor, paper thin quality, I sent them back.


I hestitate to ever try anything of hers again.


These look so thin to me more like tights!  But that could be the small sizes they are wearing.

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Not a fan of jeggings, but if that was what she was wearing last night at midnight on her tiny toothpick legs, no way would I try to stuff my legs into them.

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I watched at midnight and thought every person wearing them looked terrible.  Talk about showing every lump, bump, and ripple.


At least Callie had on the black with a long sweater top that covered up most of the ones she had on.


I would, however, love to know the brand of boots that Callie was wearing.

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Re: G by Guiliana TS at HSN

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No side seams means less manufacturing costs. Less thread, less cutting, less sewing and less labor to do all of that. I like my jeans/jeggings with side seams even if I have to pay more for them.

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A big no.  I like side seams.  These look very tight and thin material.  Just look at how they ripple and bunch on all the girls no matter their size.  Easy pass for me especially for $50.

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I have many of her tops from early on and I don't like her line anymore. I find they run small for me and short esp the joggers/pants.

I would never in a million years wear a drama top and never see one on anybody.

I went back and watched the ts from midnight and the model's pants were way too tight. No one should wear their bottoms so tight. Hsn only gets sample sizes that may or may not fit. They should at least put the right size on the models.

50.00 dollars heck no!