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It's a  Tsv in a variety of new colors; so, obviously "we" have been asking for more versions of this belt.  It isn't for everyone, nothing is.   But I got my pale blue and I'll coordinate my spring/summer purchases around it.

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The snake print at least is subtle, it looks like a knock off of the honeycomb designs that Aimee Kestenberg does on her handbags. I wonder if Aimee has a hand in the G.I.L.I. line?


And no, the obi belt does not look good on large model Jackie as the belt rests just below her bustline as she's short waisted. It simply emphasizes that Jackie has a large bustline. When she turns to the side, it is especially noticeable.

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I've never purchased one of these belts, but pre ordered the TSV. I looked at the size chart, and at first thought the Xs/s would be the right choice for me, but then wanted to be sure I could make a bow.  I think it's better to go too long rather than too short?

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Re: G.I.L.I. TSV 2/8/16

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I can't think when or where I would wear this. One of those NYC fashions.So it's a pass for me.

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@chrystaltree I'm sorry I offended you. Woman Sad Hope you enjoy your belt when it comes! I'm sure you will use it more selectively than the Q has in any demonstration I have ever seen. I think that can make all the difference in the world.

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The TSV looks lovely on the blonde model in the graphic.  It's not for everyone I agree.  It comes across as a layering piece and it's not something that many here in So. CA would wear in our warmer weather area. 


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Hopes for new hand bag. Not a ugly belt. Certainly not worth the price offered. Value? Really? Come on Qvc.
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I am thrilled to see this at a decent price-pioint!  I have wanted an Obi belt for a while but the prior Q versions were between $80-95, and that was out of budget!   I looked around all over brick-and-mortar and online and found nothing comparable...  

So I scooped up the soft gold right away.  Yay, happy with this item and the price!  

The Obi is great for any sheath dress or top that needs a little shaping...

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I have the original obi in two colors and while they feel nice leather-wise, I probably should have returned them.  I find that they look terrific when you see them aired because everyone is standing up.  Try sitting in one at the office for a few hours or even while driving and when you stand up, the belt is all folded over and looks bad. It looks great right out of the package if you remain standing for the entire time you wear it!  The TSV doesn't seem as wide as the original though so maybe the wrinkles and folds would be less noticeable.    

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Pass.  I do wear belts, stretch with nice buckles.  They are from the 80's and I get them on Ebay about 5-14 dollars.