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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

On 6/21/2014 gilmoregirl said:
On 6/21/2014 mitiboan said:
On 6/21/2014 HiLo said:

On the question and answer segment on the site of this today's special someone asked where the product is manufactured. Answer: China. Afraid there will be no sale for me today.

Oh no. After all my obsessing about which shade. Won't be buying if it's made in China. Nothing should ever be tested on animals. I thought this line was cruelty free?
It is cruelty free. Just because a product is manufactured in China doesn't mean that it's research and development is done in china.
Unless the "cruelty" you're worried about is overworked and underpaid workers, then no... they're still cruel in that regards lol
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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

I have both. To me the light is more pink based while the medium is more yellow based.

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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

On 6/21/2014 shih128 said:

Why are these products made in China???{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

Too avoid the safety/health regulations standards we have here

To avoid paying employees a fair wage/benefits

To avoid the environmental regulations we have here

IOWs--to make massive profits while exploiting the people and lands of other countries w/out repercussions (fines/criminal prosecution etc.)

EDIT to add--of course my answer covers nearly every product that is NOT "Made In The USA". (look at your clothing labels...electronics...nearly EVERY THING WE BUY).

I try to "Buy American" and from independent local shops when possible, but also realize that many who's hourly wages haven't risen for many years---that this is not an option. Besides---even finding make-up etc. that is NOT made "somewhere else" is difficult.

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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

It's a shame that on Shark Tank, they often suggest to new inventors to take their product to China to cut costs.

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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

I totally agree with you. She needs to STOP the squint routine, and show models, and the actual product! Not only do I want to have more than a nanosecond on each shade on a model, I would like a good close-up on EACH product shade. Not once during any of the times I watch the last TSV, did she point to the product, and say 'this is . . .'. When you're between shades, sometimes a good look at the product will help. No matter what she presents, she gets caught up in her own rhetoric, and fails to give needed info. I just quit buying IT products.

I also wish they would quit brushing the clean brushes over their premade-up faces. They're doing better, but I'd like to see the older women remove and reapply their make-up, too.

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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

IT shades leave me out. I have tried fair and light. The fair is ghostly white and the light is yel-low! I have tried mixing the two, but it just doesnt combat the high yellow pigment in the light. wish there was a cool or neutral based light to medium.

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Re: Frustrated with It foundation presentations!

I agree, the pictures are useless. I wish they'd show swatches like they do with eyeliners and lipsticks.

What I've found helpful is finding a beauty blogger who matches my skintone. I can start with pictures, but then confirm by reading reviews that give the foundation shades and whether the blogger(s) say the color is a good match or not. If the blogger(s) wear foundations in shades that match me and then review new shades and say they're a match, that's good news for me.

Here's Phyrra's review of the It Celebration Foundation in Fair:

I also like Vampy Varnish, who usually matches the Light shades and I know if something matches her, it's a touch too dark for me.

Makeupally lets you sort reviews by skintone and age, which also helps. A lot of MUA reviewers will include their MAC shade, so if I see a person review something and she is listed as Fair and says she's an NW15 and the shade matches her well, I know there's a high probability that it will work for me, too.