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  Can anyone tell me what dort of deals does Q offer on founders day? Do they typically offer easy pays on everything on that day? I just missed the 5 easy pays yeaterday and had quite a few things to order.

   Thanks in advance...


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they may be doing a free shipping day.

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@Norwaydemko   I've been a QVC shopper for many years and don't remember any Founder's Day sales as anything special.  The biggest promo IMO is the free shipping that is available every few months or so, especially if interested in something relatively inexpensive....such as a $15 item that normally has $5.50 shipping charge.


I see easy pay offers all the time, sometimes on all items from a specific category, or on a certain day.  Give it a few days, and easy pay will probably be offered again.


If you have a lot of items to purchase, you might want to wait for the next free shipping day, which could be upcoming on June 13th (rumor has it).

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Thanks! I couldn’t remember one way or the other.
I may just wait then.