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In December 2020 this same TSV was $5.00 less for twice the product. I know how much prices have gone up in the last two years but this is ridiculous. I wanted to buy but I will have to pass. A $10 or $15 dollar increase would have been fair but this is unreasonable.

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Re: First Aid TSV

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Interesting @Cwoldie . Prices have doubled on many items in the last couple years. Currently Ulta is selling these two items. The total at Ulta is $56. In my opinion, $45 is a good deal. 


With our current economic situation I wouldn't expect to pay the same price I did 2 years ago. 



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On their website the large size is $70, so QVC is giving you a good price. The product has gone up in price, not QVC's fault. 

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I agree with you.  The last time I purchased this I got two of the 14oz for about the same price or less.  I recently purchased a set of 3 Perlier Shea Butter Body Mousse.  They came in tubes and were 13.5oz each.  That's a total of 40.5 oz.  I paid a total of $35.46.  The hydration lasts much longer than the First Aid Beauty that I have.  If the TSV today was for two of the 14oz. I probably would have purchased it but not for one.  


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Over the holidays FAB's website offered bogo free. It was $70 for one so it was $35 a jar. I didn't think that was a great deal so I passed. I guess it was better than I thought.


I won't pay $70 for a jar of cream. I bought Cerave for $12.

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I used to use First Aid Beauty but switched to Shea Terra Organics which is far supperior in my opinion and there seems to always be a 30% coupon. Their oils are also great.

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I got this the last time it was a TSV a couple years ago.  I found it to be the stickiest, gooey mess I'd ever used.  Tried applying it a couple times and ended up dumping the whole mess in the trash.  Can't understand why so many people like it.

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This is one ,i never cared for tried a few times.

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i was wishing it was going to be the 2 big tubs.. but i got it anyway.. i love this cream. yes it is expensive, but prices are going up for everything in this world.. its nuts... and im sure its going to get worse.. i shop directly on their site.. they have good deals.. 

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I bought it when it was the 2 tubs TSV--I used it all up--thought it had kind of a waxy texture after you put it on--but it was ok--the scents I really liked were the rosemary and the grapefruit--the vanilla was horrible tho. I have so many assorted  body creams that I like better-- this will be an easy pass.