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Most likely because you don't go barefoot or wear sandals most of the time. I've been told that's why my feet get so dry and cracked. I also can't wear socks to bed as I get too hot and they bug me! You are lucky to not have the problem but it does sound like you take good care of your feet. Good job!

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Isnt that the point to have nice feet? When I started qatching QVC way bck when, they didn't dare show a women's naked feet much less talk of them in terms of being sexy. These products for the feet are really for men. Most women don't want to make their feet look "sexy" for othr women though I am learning that there are an awful lot of women into feet. Womean want their feet to look sexy for men. QVC has long ago realized that "Women's feet" make money because of the women who want pretty and sexy feet for their partner and who love showng off their feet for men.Moist women under 35 are quite aware of men with "foot fetishes" and realize that their feet are one way to attract a man toget to know them until they can  establish a relationship and find out more things they like. Women should be proud of their feet and show them off if they are nice and I have know women who love the idea of showing their feet and the fact that they get noticed. Ther is nothng wrong w/that. Feet are just one more asset a woman has and she should enhance them and display them because you never know who is looking. I would be very interested in comment from women who agree and what they do to enhance the prettiness and sexiness oif thier feet besides buy peoducts for them on QVC, so let us know

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@Shorty2U - I think some people are just lucky - or maybe it has something to do with your unique "chemistry' - also how much you sweat, or don't - and the types of shoes you wear. My husband who is on his feet quite a bit and was in the military has BABY soft feet. Makes no sense!