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Oh please!!!  No cheesy lace!!!

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Re: Feb 18 TSV - Denim & Co

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LOL, you were right about the lace, just got an email the TSV is Pull on Capri with Lace Detail for $33.86 with free s+h. The lace detail is on the bottom side slit. Available in red, navy, black, moss, new antique rose, and white. Unlike most of their pull on pants, they come in numbered sizes 2-28.

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Re: Feb 18 TSV - Denim & Co

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Here they are. Fabric is twill 96% cotton, 4% spandex. Inseam 19".



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Same thing we've been seeing for 20 years. Just a little cheap so called lace on them. Just what we need

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Thanks for sharing. I will pass on these. Gary and Carolyn always insist that a 19" inseam is the perfect length, and it may be for most, but not for me. 19" puts it right in the middle of my calf and it's not flattering on me. I always look for the 21" inseam. Covers the calf and much nicer for me. I'm sure 19" is used to accommodate more of the shorter population.  Now I won't have to stay up until midnight to see these capris. 

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No surprise lol, easy pass......
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I think the lace looks silly.


This is a casual capri, no need to "dress" them up adding expense.

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I believe they are capri pants with scalloped/lace edge at the bottom.  They are in the Insider magazine.

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I hate sportswear with cheap applied lace.   Just something to snag and fall apart in the washer and dryer. 

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These capris are awful, as will be the eyelet shirt and tank early March.  What's wrong with this group? Come on Gary, would you really wear these things? 


I  hate capris, crops, peddle pushers all of these.  So unattractive on everybody.