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@PINKdogWOOD wrote:

These capris are awful, as will be the eyelet shirt and tank early March.  What's wrong with this group? Come on Gary, would you really wear these things? 


I  hate capris, crops, peddle pushers all of these.  So unattractive on everybody.

@Pink dogwood  If you lived in a really hot climate,  you'd grab capris and gladly wear them regardless of how unattractive.   The cotton knit pants are extremely hot and don't breathe at all.   I put them away when it gets really hot and replace with woven pants.   The regular D&C capris are my uniform for summer but don't care for the TSV. 

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Those capri's are so unattractive and dated.  Dated like they belong in the 1970's  The colors are faded looking.  To me, they are zonks.

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Lots of easy passes lately, and l don't mean the kind you keep in your car, lol.

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Gary, please make capris in shorter lengths for petites!! The length on TSV just does not work for some short gals, it isn't a flattering length for us!! 

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@wabbittI agree. I am only 5'1' (on a good day on my tippy toes) and the length of a capri for anyone in my height range, this length is too long.


They don't look like capri's, and they don't look like long pants, they end up in a spot on my leg that just lookss terrible on me.


The models are 5' 8-9-10" and they fall where a capri is supposed to. Not a good look on a short person.


Gary works very hard, I give him a lot of credit trying to please so many women, but petite, regular, and tall should be the norm for any pant, capri, even shorts!


They are cute, but they look like they will wrinkle in 5 minutes after putting them on. Just my opinion.


I am at the point now of not trusting the sizing of clothes on QVC. It used to be easier for some reason. And at $7.00 return fees, it gets expensive to try buying. I was always the same size,no matter what, when buying Q clothes. That does not seem to be true any more.


The whole sizing chart has changed. A long ago size chart of "small" is now an XXS OR and XS depending on what it is. I like numeric a lot better, but even those are sometimes off by a few inches.

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I agree with you about the sizing, I'm tired of returnng items that don't fit and being charged to return them! I'm just not ordering clothes on QVC that much anymore, I used to love Women with Control, but their idea of petite is way off the mark, they are 2 or 3 inches too long!!