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@Tomgirl I lecture my boys all the time and them DON'T BE A COLLECTOR OF STUFF!  We have a house full of things that have no value or meaning.  DH and I are slowly clearing out our basement, attic, etc.  God deliver me from anything battery operated or covered with glitter.  We have pitched stuff out and donated stuff. 

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@browneyesblue wrote:

Ok, Kerstin just said that she put the battery pack in her boot and wore these to a party since the pack is so small!


Please don't insult my intelligence

@browneyesblue, I am now suffering from PTSD from her FlashPad presentation on earlier :/

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The presenter this morning was suggesting wearing these with a Halloween costume....again, since the battery pack is so small.  (I believe he said it's smaller than a deck of cards.)

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The reviews are not good.

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I purchased 1 set of the TSV, I have an apothecary jar (clearance at Kirkland's) and filled it with Christmas bulbs that match the decor (clearance at Hobby Lobby), I have that arrangement set up in our guest bathroom and it is so dark in there, that I thought I could add some of these lights, set it on the timer (hide the battery box) and it would make a nice nightlight.

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@Tomgirl wrote:

Who buys all this junk ( er, "stuff")?


I've read a hundred articles in the last year about anyone younger than millenial doesn't want all the trappings, collectibles, gew-gaws and stuff their parents had for holidays....from dishes, dining rooms, china cabinets, table cloths, etc....


and retiriing boomers are getting rid of boatloads of collected "stuff" to either downsize or just clear out clutter.....


Then to top it off, almost EVERY electronic or battery operated stuff you buy seems to last one season ( although the hosts say you'll "pass it on to your kids" ( hint: they don't want it if it DOES still work!!!).



A lot of the offerings look like Dollar Store kraaap to begin with. Who wants to pay for the next 4 months for this stuff???????



OK rant over.


PS: I've bought my share of pre-lit trees, Jim Shore decorations, lights, bulbs, wreaths, garlands etc etc etc.....but today it just doesn't seem relevant any longer. My "stuff" has either gone to the Salvation Army, the dump, or is relegated to the basement.


@Tomgirl- great post. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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i took a pic .  I have 1 set in my centerpiece.  The battery pack is about the size of a pack of cigarettes (borrowed hubby pack) and the lights are bright for a small area or jar.  Also the lights are about 1mm in size every 5"-6" or so and the wire is similar to a very fine/thin floral wire which they are attached.   I did have one wire break after bending it too much


During the holidays I use 2 sets for most of my arrangements and yes, hard to hide the battery packs.  Although, I will say has nice long battery life!


bought my sets from clearance and as is last year (only 3 to a set).  All worked fine!


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I am so thankfull that my job did not require me to sell anything!!!

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Tomgirl, you are so right! Retired here and the last thing I need is more stuff! And sons and daughters-in-law don't want our "stuff" either - they want their own stuff, and they definitely wouldn't want us to pass down some Christmas lights! LOL. Reminds me of George Carlin!

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I bought them last year and the batteries didn't last long at all (on the timer mode).  I just bought the Scott Bros. fairy lights.  I'm betting the quality is better.  

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