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Any comments?  How does one hide that huge battery box?

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I ordered these of these last year.  The product got decent reviews but  I sent mine back.  They were a hot mess when they arrived and one strand didn't work at all.  They sell a ton of them but I thought they were ovrepriced and just not worth the money.  JMO.

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I bought several sets last year and loved them!  I had them in various places in my home.  I had no problem finding ways to hide the battery box.  The battery box on the ones last year was not what I would call "huge".  Hoping that the box this year is similar in size, since I just ordered another set.  Love them!  All mine worked thoughout the holiday season.  They look so cool festive!

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I usually buy 3/4 of the junk/errr stuff (!) QVC sells, but these just seem over- priced to me.  Somewhere in my house are so many strands of last years version of this it's crazy.  I never even used last year's version.  


OMG!  I'm so proud of myself maybe I'm finally getting a little smarter!  Ha! 


My my advice is, if you will use them for sure, get them, but if you are a ding dong like me ( Come on ladies, you know who you are) and will just stick them away somewhere, take a breath and " Let them go...let them go"!

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So funny!  Really how much of this stuff can you have?   I don't trust any of it, in my experience these things are so cheaply made they hardly ever last more than one or two seasons.  I do love battery operated candles though and have had the best luck with the candle impressions brand.  Even those I no longer purchase though.

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If this is the BEST QVC could do as a TSV for the big CIJ ....sad!!!


I bought these micro lights last year from clearance & as is - they are OK yet you need more than one strand if your doing something other than a vase!


Very Disappointed with TSV selection wished was something truly great!

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I hope they work! I wasn't intending to get them, then DH watched the midnight presentation with me. "I can wrap these around the post. I can put a set around the backyard, They'll look pretty on the mantel," etc! He found all kinds of ways to use them, and we've never had them before. I told him if we don't like the way they look we can return them. Smiley Happy

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Ok, Kerstin just said that she put the battery pack in her boot and wore these to a party since the pack is so small!


Please don't insult my intelligence

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Who buys all this junk ( er, "stuff")?


I've read a hundred articles in the last year about anyone younger than millenial doesn't want all the trappings, collectibles, gew-gaws and stuff their parents had for holidays....from dishes, dining rooms, china cabinets, table cloths, etc....


and retiriing boomers are getting rid of boatloads of collected "stuff" to either downsize or just clear out clutter.....


Then to top it off, almost EVERY electronic or battery operated stuff you buy seems to last one season ( although the hosts say you'll "pass it on to your kids" ( hint: they don't want it if it DOES still work!!!).



A lot of the offerings look like Dollar Store kraaap to begin with. Who wants to pay for the next 4 months for this stuff???????



OK rant over.


PS: I've bought my share of pre-lit trees, Jim Shore decorations, lights, bulbs, wreaths, garlands etc etc etc.....but today it just doesn't seem relevant any longer. My "stuff" has either gone to the Salvation Army, the dump, or is relegated to the basement.

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Love your post...I did the same thing!  But the presentation did remind me to install fresh batteries in the one strand I do have on display!  


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