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I am interested in the TSV. I would like to read reviews but none are coming up, despite the hosts saying this is a top rated item.


If anyone has this, please tell me if it is a good item to have. I have dogs and cats and it is a daily battle trying to keep up with fur tumbleweeds.


Thanks in advance for any input.

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@CatLoverDogsToo.  Go read the reviews on Amazon or some other website.

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I have to wonder with pet hair how long it will last.  I think I'll keep my dust pan and save the $$$

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@brandiwine wrote:

I have to wonder with pet hair how long it will last.  I think I'll keep my dust pan and save the $$$

We have two cats and I thought it would be great in their area but the room isn’t big enough for anything else. If I had hardwood through out I would seriously consider buying it.

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I don't think I would like having to look at that thing all the time.  Plus, finding floor space for it in the area it would be a challenge.  I'll keep my lightweight Bissell stick vac.  No line of dirt left with it, either.   The little Bissell I found at Walmart hangs on the wall in the utility room, it's not sitting out 24/7.

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Best thing I ever bought from the Q.  Have three dogs and vacuumed everyday. Now I use this. I love it. 

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They are fantastic little machines, making life easier. QVC does have a great price too!

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Re: Eye Vac Review

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I ordered one the minute I saw it on air! My hairdresser has a similar machine that they use when they sweep up hair. The one they have is much bigger but I have always thought I would love to have one if it looked better. This one does! Can't wait to get it!

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I hate using a broom so will not work for me. I also don't want it sitting around some place in my house.

I use the Swivel Sweeper from HSN for quick clean ups. I cannot believe all the stuff that little sweeper picks up.

My MIL really likes it too. She can no longer bend over to sweep debris in the dustpan.