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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

@Chi-town girl I had some major problems with their cs several years ago, then I just stopped shopping there since they would not resolve something that was their error in the first place. After many calls to cs, and asking for a supervisor, still did not correct my overcharges.


Now I only buy Skinn & Beekman(limited) and never return it. It will be a cold day in....before I buy clothes there. I always have a problem with the high s/h charges.

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

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Evine is a NIGHTMARE!  Everything about them is wrong. The so-called HD programming, cheap, poorly decorated sets, amateur models, CHEAP fashions, unscrupulous policies, high shipping, and the WORST, rudest CS reps on the planet (some, not all). It feels like they just opened a big barn in the sticks of Minnesota and said, "hey ya'll, lets start a shopping channel." I can't believe they have been business as long as they have. The only good thing I can say about them is that they do employ a lot of people (and that's important). Really wish a few of their vendors and hosts would come to the Q or HSN.

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping


I dont think Evine is any more than QVC or HSN IN SHIPPING.I watch all 3 and Hsn does have better deals but  I dont think the Q does on there shipping.And if you have a Evine live credit card they have free shipping all day on everytihng at least once a month.Thats when I orderer all my stuff.Now neither of the other shopping channels have that.

HSN shipping  for clothing is $3 each or if you reach $99 , it is free.   QVC is $3 for some pieces.  Though I do love the rare times Evine offers free shipping with a min. purchase,  when they don't as today - if you order two TS outfits , your shipping is $12.46.  That is a deal killer for me.   Other pieces during OSO's so called, "anniversary" sale ship for $4.99. I think that is pathetic.  Order four of those pieces and pay almost $20 to ship , no thanks. I would have a stroke- if I had to return .

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

I totally agree

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

I bought two tops from them last week, same style but different colors and I was given 50% off the second item S&H.

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

@Will2890 wrote:

A few weeks ago i ordered several items from Evine, and noticed they charge you way more for every item, than QVC & HSN and then pack everything into the same box & ship it the slowest way possible.  For the amount you pay in shipping, they could send it over night express.  

I have been saying the same thing for a long time. I buy NOTHING from Evine anymore because of their excessive shipping fees. I don't believe I ever saw them offer FREE shipping on anything.  I once ordered 3 Gem Treasures little gemstone stack rings. They charged me $6.99 each in shipping and sent them all in the same bag. Well, they were tiny little stones and I just didn't like them, so returned them all and lost the $20.97  in shipping I had paid to get them to me plus my cost to return them. I said right then, that was the last time I would ever order from EVINE!!

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

I love their high density leggings. I’ll always buy those regardless of s&h.
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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

Welcome to the insight of Jeff Bezos.  Ever wonder why Amazon is taking over? 


Doesn't take a genius. 

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

Ridiculous pricing for shipping on Evine.  I buy little anymore from them due to shipping and handling!!!

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Re: Evine over charges for shipping

The only time I will pay evine's full-price shipping charge is when something is on sale for a really good price. That way I feel somewhat justified in paying for the high shipping cost.