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Re: Earth brand TSV

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It takes two months for the subscription for the InsideQ to begin but in the meantime I have mailed you the November issue and will also do the December copy. Please check your email for the information you are looking for as it is against standards to list the item number.

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I have signed up for the emails to inform about upcoming TSV'S and hsve never received one.  I would say I signed up at least 4 times,  but never get an email.  I would love one regarding this particular TSV item and others as well.

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I received the September and October Insider but not November. I should already have received it.

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How do we get a copy of the Insider?  I too signed up for emails and never receive them.  

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I would also like to know how to get the Insider.

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@SilleeMee Thanks for the info, I love Earth brand, just not crazy about that style.

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You're welcomeWoman Happy.

This style of boot is everywhere...the typical ankle boot with a buckle. Sort of boring but it is an attractive boot if that's what you're looking for. Personally I need a lug sole on my boots for more traction in the snow. This one has a smooth sole with very little traction. I like the olive color...not shown except in the pre-sale link.

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Can't we please get the ordering info so those of us who did t get the early email to order.  I don't feel it's fair that we sign up to receive them and never get them when others do.  I don't feel like waiting up till midnight to then order??

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@Kitty Galore  I agree.  I'm supposed to be an Insider member. I did just get my hard copy of the November issue, but these boots aren't in it.  I don't know why we can't get the early ordering info.  



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I agree.  I am signed up to receive pre-sale emails, but didn't get this one.  Would love to have the item number because I love those boots.