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Re: Earth TSV

@Thisismynickname wrote:

I'm trying them -- brown.  I like them without the backstrap.  I like the diagonal strap across the foot -- more feminine.  Fingers crossed.

I received mine and like them very much!  They are cute even with the backstrap!

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Re: Earth TSV

did anyone hear if Sally addressed the suede and if it is treated against rain?    Some earth boots I have  dont have to be treated,   they came already treated.   I want to be able to wear them on rainy days also I could caught in ther rain as well.   I wouldn't want the sandal ruined,  although it would be hard to  spray the suede as well.   

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Re: Earth TSV

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i did not hear whether these sandals were treated or not @Kitty Galore, but I always treat my suede boots/shoes/sandals.  It's not difficult at all, Just get a can of water proof spray for suede which can be found almost anywhere.  Not only does spraying them help to waterproof but also helps if you spill something or scuff them.