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Does anyone know what it is or item number
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Would love to know too, anyone?

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so far this is all i have.....


earth tsv.jpg

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I like them, but they look like the black ones I bought months ago, with the heel enclosed.

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I like these and don’t have a trendier shoe for the season. Can anyone tell me if they run true to size ( I’m a half size)?  Thx friends- 💐

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Am I spying olive? Yes, I am! Hmmm... those would be fabulous come this fall... (OMG, let us NOT even think about fall ...), I take that back! 👙! ☀️! 🏖!


Already have a pair similar in taupe. Mine do not have laces though, I like the laces, easily adjustable... 

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Super cute!

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I will probably get the olive.  They should have given us free shipping though.

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This sandal is cute but not for me.  For those of you who love it and order, I certainly hope the sizing quality control has improved since the last Earth TSV of couple months ago.  That Earth Aloha sandal TSV was so off in sizing nearly everyone had to return theirs.