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@maximillian wrote:

Some Earth shoes look cute.  However, my early purchases from the brand were very disappointing.  Poor quality.  The soles actually separated from the shoes. They were unsafe to wear.  So, my decision was to NOT purchase that brand again.  I had to throw my shoes away.  They were in no condition to even donate. 


@maximillian  Were they the Canyon Ruby? (slides - A376476) I purchased those and the soles came apart within a couple of months! I just posted a question asking if they resolved this issue because I do like the TSV. My question hasn't shown up yet. I won't buy any more that have that sole until I know they have fixed this.

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I believe last year's TSV was Serena. The straps were cruddy, not able to be adjusted (and my foot is very average 6.5 m), just a disappointment. 

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Sorry, I don't remember.  It was early in the game when Earth began to get a lot of air-time on QVC.  Sally Combs was the vendor rep for Earth at that time.  Years earlier, when she was a vendor for Birkenstock, I purchased some of that brand.  They truly were well-made, quality shoes.  I still own a few pair of Birkenstock.