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Does the "Amanda" run true to size?  First reviews I saw are talking about being too small.  They are pretty cute!

@coconut1818, for me they did.  I sometimes wear a 7.5, sometimes an 8.  I ordered these in a 7.5 and the fit is perfect, even with a sock.  If I were going to wear a really thick, heavy sock, I would have needed the 8.   

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My Earth brand tsv from last year fell apart after a month, as did tons of others in the reviews.  Cork sole.  Will never buy this brand again.

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I liked last years a lot too! As a matter of fact they have it restocked in all colors and they added a new shade!

I’m thinking about getting another one of them. I also don’t care for the new TSV from Earth.

Could you tell us the item#?




Last year's TSV "Amanda"

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I got last year’s TSV, too. Love it and already wore it this season. I got the navy. It is very comfortable. I’m tempted to get another color but I keep telling myself to get a slightly different look - and I need more leather boots.

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Was hoping for a more winter boot.