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Earth Brands TSV

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Just got a peek with Sandra.....Now I can go to bed. No thanks, looks like my brother's boots.

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I don't care for that style of boot either.  Too masculine.

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Hubby said clodhoppers and I said "yep".

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I'm 5'4", with a 9.5 shoe and these would make my feet look even bigger. They're SO clunky!

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Toe area looks short and stubby....also turns up. What's going on with this brand...used to be so cute and updated.
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The price is decent, but the style is not for me!  Might be decent for a long hike?

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I'm an Earth Brand lover, but I'm over that chunky motorcycle boot look.

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I love Earth Brand but that's just not my style.  Seems popular with others, though.


I'm always glad when TSV is something that doesn't interest me!

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Looks like cheap leather with a chunky, thick heel.  Easy pass.

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It looks like I am the only one who likes these Earth Origins boots.  I don't care if they are chunky looking, because for me, they are so comfortable.  Last winter I wore through a black pair that I have had for a number of years.  I bought a pair to replace them, but they are a bit shorter in the shaft.  I am hoping that these have the right shaft height that I like.  It says 5", but I'm hoping they are a tad more than that.  I just can't decide whether to get another color besides black.  Keep making these Earth Origins.