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I like the Dyson TSV but concerned about hanging it on the wall.  Can I lay it on the floor for charging?

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I have a Dyson cordless stick vac...I did not want to put holes in the wall so I just have it standing up and plugged into a wall socket at all times.


I really like mine, I purchased it about 3 years ago but Thursday it just quit in the middle of using it!!  I thought maybe I had used it to long and just needed to recharge but won't work at all.  I am surprised that the battery is bad after only 3 years, I didn't use it every day, only for quick clean ups.  I'll have to get my book out and read what to do.

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Good morning @sarahpanda!  


According to the FAQ's for the Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum, here is your answer:


Q:  Can the battery be charged separately from the docking port?  


A:  If you do not wish to fix the machine's dock to the wall then you can charge using the main charger supplied in the box.


If  you have any other questions, many answers can be found under the FAQ tab for the Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum.


Hope this helps!



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I purchased this a year ago and I charge mine while it is laying down. This is one of the best vacuums I've ever owned. I also have 2 friends that love there's too. 

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At home I have my Dyson charger attached to the window jamb in the laundry room.  


Here in FL though, there is no wall space in the laundry room for the same setup. I keep the charger plugged into the washing machine outlet and stand the Dyson up sideways between the washer and the side wall --- there is just enough room to have it stand up and rest against the back wall.  ( Uce a hook hanging from the wire shelf to keep the cord off the floor. )

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