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Thinking about the upright.  Anyone own it?  Any thoughts on price, value, efficiency, etc.?  Thanks

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Nothing about the Dyson, don't own it, just wanted to say Glad You Edited The Title of This Thread!! That was soooooooooooo funny.

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That spell check thing will get me every time!  Too funny!  

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I bought the upright version a couple of years ago when it was a TSV and I regret it tremendously. I should've returned it.  


As to that unit, here were the problems:


First off,   it does not do a good job on hardwood floors at all.  The head is too close to the floor so it pushes crumbs instead of sucks them up.  Second, the cord is short and the dust bin small.  Third, when using the attachments, the extension wand hose is too short to be of any real use.  This makes it ridiculously annoying when trying to vacuum stairs as the hose either kinks or the entire unit falls over.  Struggling with a vacuum is not something I expect in a unit which costs almost $300.


Good points:


Does well on carpeting.  That's it.   But, so do a lof of other cheaper vacuums.  I don't know if the $500 Dyson's are worth it but the lower priced one was not.  


I've relegated it to my upstairs and pull it out very very rarely.  Now I use the Shark Lift-away and I love that vacuum.  The only downside to that I do not like the hard floor attachment.

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Get a Sharke - any of them are much better than spending that much on a Dyson. 

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I have had the cannister and the stick....both stunk...would never buy another Dyson again...

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I don't own a Dyson, but I did buy one last year that I ended up returning. Shark vacuums are much better for the money right now as well as perform better and have a design that I prefer. 

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I own a dyson, not the TSV, but a dyson, nonetheless. I got caught up in the hype of a dyson I guess. So not worth the money I paid for it. I've had it serviced twice, and the sucking power is a joke. Like another poster said- give Shark a try. When my Dyson finally does quit working, I'm going for a Shark.
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