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@shopperqvc  I agree with your sentiments. And, I especially like your comment about making some vendor rich (while ostensibly making yourself poorer?)

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I watched the presentation last night and I actually thought the selling point of how it dries really quickly and will save you so much time was just silly. Now to my way of thinking if you don't have four extra minutes to spend drying your hair then you should have started sooner. I don't get frizz, damaged hair or burned scalp from my $25.00 blow dryer. I have a head band that I got for $2.00 and I have one of the head wrap towels that cost $6.00. I also have a bag that my dryer fits in perfectly that I have had for years and don't even remember how much it cost. I never use it. Now if someone wants to spend $400.00 on a hairdryer that is up to them. We all get to decide how we spend our hard earned money. But for me this is not even a consideration. I am off to the book store and I might even stop in at the shoe store.

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After reading everyone’s comments,I just want to say thank you. You set my mind straight. A friend has this dryer and I have to admit it did make my hair shine and well.... that’s about it. I was thinking of ordering but you are so right so many other things I can spend my money on. But as far as these high dollar, my opinion, I did get an iRobot best money I’ve spent. Great vacuum and one less thing on my to do list. Thanks again everyone have a great day
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$400 for a hair dryer is just ridiculous. All it does is blow air. My less then $30 Revlon hair dryer does the exact same thing. I don't even use the nozzles that came with it.  It doesn't make my hair all blown out and frizzy. Even if it did, there are products that can take care of that problem for a lot less then $400 combined!  Like the saying goes....there is on born every minute.

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If you do see the price of this dryer go down that means a newer improved version of the dryer is on the way. 

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The Dyson company is laughing all the way to the bank with customer way any of their over priced  products worth the price tag.  


$400 for a blow dryer? Ridiculous! But people fall for the So called prestige of owning  such an expensive blow dryer.  Like the fan, or his vacuums...everything is over priced  and all that money going into the pocket of Billionaire money bags James Dyson. 


Go go ahead and spend your hard earned money to line his greedy$$$$ pockets if you wish.  That is your choice.  He loves it!

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I can dry my hair in about 3 minutes with my $19 Conair from CVS ... using the cool setting - it's more than 20 years old.  I never use heat on my hair.


Most of the time - I just comb it while wet, go get dressed and by the time I'm back in the bathroom, my hair has air dried.  Just spray, fluff and scrunch ... I'm done.

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I have a Revlon tourmaline fast dry hair dryer that I bought on sale for around $20 and it works great.  It was top rated everywhrere I looked and Consumer Reports rated it highly.  It dries my hair very fast and leaves it shiny and smooth.  Most hair dryers last me about 2 years and, for the price of a Dyson, I could buy 20 of another brand and have enough hair dryers to last 40 years.  Look at the Dyson ratings and pull up those that gave it low ratings.  Read carefully and then decide.  It's an easy pass for me.

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I would find it really hard to believe they're selling very many of these, except to diehard shopaholics who will be talked into buying anything.  A $400 blow dryer??  C'mon QVC get real.  

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I love my Dyson but yeah this isn't a bargain on QVC. Sephora, when they have their sales, you can buy it discounted and they have much better kits than the one one QVC.The only benefit of buying on QVC is the payments.