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Happy Birthday.  Enjoy the day and your weekend.

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Happy Birthday.  Enjoy the day and your weekend.

Thank you, @bonnielu 

 I appreciate the birthday wishes!

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I just  looked  at the dyson dryer.  That's what I want.  My hair is too short to bother with Air wraps.  It' $419.00 and with free shipping. 

Why not buy the Shark and save yourself $200.00. If you go to their website, they are giving an additional 20% off. Someone posted that in comparison they are both highly rated. Just a suggestion.

No.  I didn't know.  I didn't know Shark offered one.  I'll check.  Thank you!


I see the Shark for $149.00.  I got it.  Hope it's as good as the Dyson


I hope you like it. I have had good luck with all my Shark products. I think you are paying for the name not the quality. I think that $600.00 airwrap was a waste of money. Who is going to use all the tools. If you watched the presentation, you first had to use one device to dry your hair (ok) but then switch to another tool to get a final look. It just looked like a project not a hair stying device. I didn't think Sandra's hair looked that good. Some of the other models' hair was not good..It's all hype. Anyway, best wishes.

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Hair dryer!
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I got mine really quick! Shocking how fast it came. 

I have only had a chance to play with it a couple of times but already I can tell I am going to love it. I blow dried my hair and can't believe how fast it was. I quickly curled my hair and the curls were beautiful. They were so bouncy and the shine on my hair.