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Well, Dan talked me into buying one of these this morning. I'm thinking about giving it to my dad for Christmas. He could use it when he's in the downstairs den watching TV or when he's working in the garage. I'm also thinking about keeping it for us or buying another one. 😂


Appreciate the easy pay and free shipping. Also like that it doesn't require filters that need to be replaced every so often.


Anbody else buying it today?

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Re: Dyson AM09 fan/heater TSV

I've had an earlier version of this fan for 5 or 6 years so I don't need one.  I don't use the heat but love the fan.  If mine quit today, I'd quickly buy another.  Its so quiet and circulates the air evenly.  Best fan I ever had.

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Re: Dyson AM09 fan/heater TSV

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I am thinking about it.  Doing some research and it seems to be a good price.


Like Kachina, I would use it mostly for the the cooling fan, but here in Phoenix, once in a while you need the heater too!

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Re: Dyson AM09 fan/heater TSV

I was torn between this and purchasing another Duraflame heater.  Decided to try Dyson since I've had great luck with their products.  Some rooms in my home can use some extra heat.  

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Re: Dyson AM09 fan/heater TSV

@kristina1  I bought this exact fan/heater from HSN a few months ago for a lower price and same buying options. 


I'm in Phx and have already used the heater (before weather heated up again).


I LOVE it for both functions and am very glad I made the purchase!!