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@chlema wrote:

I hate those darn mosquitos but wonder how the Dyna Trap knows what are the good bugs and what are the bad bugs?  Sure hope it doesn't kill bees which are good guys.  Some of the bees are pretty small.

it's based on what the bugs are attracted to which is basically light and I believe CO2.  The bugs that aren't attracted to those aren't attracted to the Dynatrap.  Bees are attracted to neither.  


I got I believe this model a couple of months ago after my previous one had pretty much died.  It appears it's a little easer to replace the bulbs although you still have to partially take it apart but getting the bugs out is a lot easier.  This model has the larger hopper than the one they sold as a TSV recently which was why I specifically bought that one.


BTW, the bugs don't get zapped.  They just get sucked in and die.  When you empty it there will still be live bugs in it.  

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Re: DynaTrap TSV 5/5

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@Icegoddess thanks...good to know

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@bmorechick    The Dynatrap doesn't zap anything.  It merely has a light to attract bugs then a fan sucks them into a trap.  Bees of course wouldn't be attracted to the light and are probably too heavy to be sucked into the trap.  It's designed for smaller bugs like mosquitoes.

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I feel cheated... I purchase 2 durring the March 2022 TSV. Less than 2 months ago a $20 price difference for the 1/4-arce and $40 price difference for the 1/2-arce. QVC I now do not trust your TSV pricing. I'm DONE.


Today's Special Value - Saturday, March 12, 2022

F-22864 DynaTrap XL Insect Trap w/ UV LED Bulbs & Easy Disposal Release Basket


F-22863 1-acre QVC Price: $193.50 TSV Price: $159.96

F-22862 ½-acre QVC Price: $121.50 TSV Price: $99.96

F-22861 ¼-acre QVC Price: $72.50 TSV Price: $59.96

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Do you know if it can be used indoors?

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@Icegoddess Thanks for the info.  I did hear the rep this morning explain as to what bugs the trap would attract and based on that I did order one.  It's the dang mosquitos that use me as a restaurant that I want to get trapped.  But oh, no, there may still be live bugs inside when you empty it?  In that case I'll have my GD do that as mosquitos avoid her for some reason.  Smiley Very Happy

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I have had June Bugs stuck in the top grid, too large to go through. I have more little moths than anything and only dump it out at the end of the season as not full. I still have some mosquitos but not as many. We haven't had as much rain the past two years either which makes a difference.


I also wonder if the new version is better if anyone has any experience comparing the units. I have the 1 acre one.

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Does this have a 90 day return policy through QVC.

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@chlema I work out in the yard a lot and this has made a huge difference for me. I used to either have to spray DEET on my clothes (bug spray and sunscreen mixed is awful) and in my hair or wear an OFF thing that had little modules and a fan.  It worked pretty good, but finding the refills is almost impossible and you have to find somewhere on your body to hang it where it's out of the way.  Hard to do when you're busy doing yard work. I usually hung it on the back of my pants.


I have the 1/2 acre one.  I could probably use a second 1/2 acre one for the front yard, but I'm not out there as much.