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Dyna Traps?

These look tempting.  Has anyone used one?  I see NO reviews even on the older models. One attraction is the 90 day return policy.

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Re: Dyna Traps?

I'm surprised there are no reviews.  They got really good reviews when they were on last year.  Same thing for the TSV thread about them last year.  You might check online like at Amazon or Costco to see if there are any reviews.  I know I saw them at Costco after I bought mine.  I know I caught a lot of bugs in mine.  Mostly what was identifiable was some sort of bee (not honeybees) and moths.  My only complaint is getting the bottom off to empty it without releasing some of the bugs that are still alive.  

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Re: Dyna Traps?

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There are some older reviews for the 1/2-acre model from the past. This one is sold out but you can still read the reviews for it.  Item  F11761


The older one-acre model is item  F11762

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Re: Dyna Traps?

I've had one for 2 years now......although I don't have a ton of bugs in my cup....I can sit outside without getting bit in the summertime...

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Re: Dyna Traps?

OMG!  We now can't imagine summer without our Dynatraps!  I got sick of spraying DEET continually to garden.  We have the large size in our backyard and smaller one in front yard. (We hang from regular shephard hooks and zip tie the cords to the hook)  It did trap all the cabbage moths which swarm the porch lights.  But I wasn't sure if trapping mosquitoes, until we spent time next door!  They had hordes of mosquitoes.  We came back home and peacefully sat outside on our patio.  Crazy.  The mosquitoes dry and disappear so you don't find them in the bin.  Give them a try and you can return in 30 days.  But we are definitely convinced.


This year we are trying the lures.  Make sure to listen to his presentation on the lifecycle of mosquitoes so you understand the process.   Hope this helps.  Smiley Happy

Happy Summer from Iowa!

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Re: Dyna Traps?

I would be interested in a couple of these if they worked on wasps and hornets.  (I don’t much care about mosquitoes.)  But I had read from some that had them they don’t.

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Re: Dyna Traps?

I am not understanding, does this require to be plugged in?  I don't have any electricity in my back yard?  DO you charge it in the house first? I'm wathing now so I hope they explain again?


If you KNOW, please share with me.

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Re: Dyna Traps?

Shipping & handling is high. Brings it to over $160. I believe Home Depot has these

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Re: Dyna Traps?

@Happiness Is Inside JOB I too had the same question, as I did not hear them mention anything about plugging it in. All the photos show it NOT being plugged in.


I checked out the information for the product....dimensions, etc., and it says it comes with a 10-foot cord, so it needs to be plugged in.


That is not a problem for me because I will be setting it within a couple feet of an outlet in my patio; however, I am wondering how that works when they say you can put them out in the pasture. 


Also, the instructions say it is for OUTSIDE use, but on one of the demonstrations, the guy talked about having his inside and outside. I purchased two: one for my patio and one inside. Hopefully the patio one will take care of those bugs that wish to come inside; however, when using the kitchen during the summer, somehow those flies get in and stop by when I am cooking chicken! ha!


Actually, they probably come thru the doggy door, as it is constantly being used.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Dyna Traps?

I have three of them: two from last year and the big one from this year. They WORK!!! We have woods surrounding our property so there are always flying, biting and buzzing "thing". The dogs and I are allergic to bites. These do not harm honey bees---only the bad biting "things".The key to this item is the placement---it needs to be 20 feet from where you want to be. It's totally different than any other system. Our lot is irregular so I have the big one in the back that covers about half an acre. The two smaller ones are on either side of the house where we usually have wasp problems. Not anymore!!! The bulbs last for an entire season. It's the best system that I have found. I can now garden and be out with the dogs and enjoy all the work we put into the outside.


I remove the bulb and discard at the end of the season. That way I know to start each year with a new bulb. My older ones still look new. It really only costs a few cents to run these which is always an added perk.


I like the warranty policy. Very generous. I notice on more and more outdoor items that the warranty only lasts for 30 days. These work for us.