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I think you all have talked me into this item. I am breakfast, lunch and dinner for mosquitos. I love my yard except for the sketers and wasps and hornets. Thanks!

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@Happiness Is Inside JOB, yes, they need to be plugged in.  I'm just lucky that I have outlets on the back corner of my house.


@World Traveler, how big is your patio?  He did say not to put it near where you plan to be hanging out because you'll be attracting the evil bugs to the area and they'll just as likely choose you as they would the Dynatrap.  He suggested about 30' away.  


Not sure why one would want to put one out in the pasture.  Trying to make the cows comfy?  ;-)

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Bought ours at Q 2 years ago..  So impressed, bought 2 more last year as gifts for daughters' families. We have been inundated in W Pa past few years w/stink bugs and these have made a difference.  We hung ours under our back deck and no bug issues.  Ordering new one for our front yaed.

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Yes, the Dyantrap works as well as when I spent $65/month by my pest control service to spray for mosquitoes from March-October.  In fact, besides being much more cost effective, the Dynatrap works during and after several days of continuous rain.  I had to keep having the pest control company re-apply the spray after it rained.  


I purchased another one today (always the 1/2 acre).  I will either replace a three year old model in the front of the house or add it to the opposite side of where I have the current (last year's TSV) Dynatrap on the patio.