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Does anyone know what it will be?

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

Maybe a fireplace?

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

I have two of these electric heaters from past years.  They run your electric bill so high I only use them for the flame feature.  Will sell the larger one this year on Marketplace.

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

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I have to chuckle when I see these...they "save money" cause they "only" cost 25 cents an hour to run...


If you keep it on 8 hours a  day,or overnight to heat your room,  that's 2.00 a day ...or 60 bucks a month ON TOP of your regular electric bill...cause you're not going to stop using electricity on everything else...


If you use it all day long, 24 hours, at 25 cents an hour....that'll add 6 bucks a day or 180 a can see how it really doesn't "save" anything...


Additionally...if it's an electric space'l be max 1500 watts..( the max allowed for residential electric  space heaters in the US.)


That's's the suggested maximum for a 15 amp fuse ( which is good to 1800 watts).


 Consider that MOST space heaters are used in older drafty homes that probably have older electric wiring and fuses....


If you don't KNOW how large the fuse or breaker is where you're planning to use it, find out before you order it and follow Q's advice to "use it in your kitchen" ( with the 1500 watt coffee maker and the 1700 watt air fryer...maybe all on the same circuit)...or in your bathroom...( with the 1600 watt hair dryer)..


Serious.... Space heaters cause a LOT of fires.


Hopefully it'd blow the fuse or trip the breaker if it's on a 15 amp fuse/breaker with other giant wattage appliances they push on people today, but these things are fire hazards of the first order.


And they don't really heat that much. A 1500 watt heater will heat a space of 150 sq. feet. ( a 10x15 room). Not really a great source of heat. (10 watts of heat for every square foot of room floor space).


Just some handy facts if you choose to use them.


If you have an older home, make sure you won't have to send this thing back on your dime. Q NEVER tells wattage of these thingsin the descriptions...but electric space heaters for residences are limited by law in the US to 1500 watts of heat, in order to keep them well within range of the LOWEST amp  fuses/breakers used in older drafty homes with older wiring and fuses.

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

Couldn't disagree more that they don't heat well because they definitely do!


We love ours and have them in mostly in the bedroom and master bathroom but bring one out into the kitchen or family room when needed and they keep the rooms nice and toasty.


As for electricity, of course it went up a bit but nowhere near what's being talked about here. Also, our heating bill, which is sometimes outrageous, is less when we use the Duraflame heaters.


I love them! Smiley Happy

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

@SusieQ_2   Couldn't agree with you more!   We have several and love them.

Not only are they beautiful and cozy looking ,  they work wonderfully.

And yes, its electricity,  but its cheaper than oil.

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

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About 6 or 8 years ago I purchased the Duraflame Infrared Pine Log Insert w/Crackling Sound from the Q for our small fireplace in our family room, you can turn the crackling sound on/off really heats up the room and gives it a nice ambience, we don't use it too much maybe for a couple of months in the winter at the most, southern CA doesn't get too cold.

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Re: Duraflame TSV Oct. 26th???

we had an arthritic cat , 24 yrs old who passed 8 months ago .  He had.many issues and this heater was invaluable for him to feel comfortable.  He slept in front of it many hours a day .  Money wasn't an issue his comfort was.    and actually I didn't notice our electric bill being over the top !  More then usual ,  but in our case it was well worth it .
 I don't think we will use it that much this winter , perhaps on very cold days .  I like to put the one in our bedroom on an hour or so before bed to really warm up the room as it happens to be colder then the rest of the house .  We will also use for ambiance with just the flame when entertaining.