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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

@faeriemoon wrote:

I'm surprised they're so popular.  They remind me of those silly helicopter toys that were popular 20 years ago.  I don't get the thrill.




most likely the camera

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

As someone said, key word is responsible and that does not apply to enough people with technology in hand. The buzzing overhead is annoying but think about how they can be flown into your house, etc abdvdo danage.?i had neighbor looking for his drone in my yard and he said his son had flown it over our home and it disappeared. His son is less than 5 years old! So if it really was him, why would he fly over my home and not his own? And if damages are done do you think they will admit it? No, they belong in countryside, etc not in residential.
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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

@Sooner wrote:

@Zita wrote:

I may be alone in this opinion, but I don't feel drones are appropriate for a TSV.  No matter how they doctor it up with colors, they're dangerous items that are not toys. And yet, the Q is merchandising them for children.


They may not even be legal in some states. Their interference with planes and the cause of accidents  has been well documented.


I think it's irresponsible to sell or buy these for a fun toy.

Great toy if you live in the country.  Would be a lot of fun for lots of people without bothering any body.  

@Sooner Agreed! 

Keepin' it real.
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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

Don't purchase, it's your choice.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

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My mom and dad got my 8 yearold nephew a drone at the hobby store for his birthday. He loves it. He hasn't attached a camera to it. He loves making it do tricks.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

@Lipstickdiva wrote:

I'm not a fan and if I ever saw one flying around me while I'm in my yard, if it was low enough, I'd knock it down but if they are legal, I see no reason for Q not to sell them.


Hoverboards are dangerous as well yet those are being sold daily and marketed to children.

But hoverboards don't have the ability to film or tape someone inside their home or yard.  That's what I dislike about so many people owing drones.  There are just some who do not respect others' privacy/space.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

Oh Boy...... I am 70 years old and love taking pictures I can think of a hundred times where I would have loved to have a drone........they look like so much fun..  and can only go to 400 ft. I would be more afraid of an airplane flying that low...

I would think that by spring there should be hundreds of drones in trees all over the


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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

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@LTT1 wrote:

I must admit they sound pretty innocent and then not when one considers what kids COULD be doing with them . . .



The next thing will be drones with lasers; drones with cameras; etc.


They don't sound "pretty innocent" to me. Most every drone sold on QVC has a camera and/or video recorder or live streaming. And it isn't just kids that will use them. And try reporting a drone over your previously private back yard, pool or patio area to the police. They can't just come back with search warrants for the entire neighborhood to locate the owner/operator or even identify which drone you are reporting.  


If people were snooping around your house or going in your back yard, you might be able to see them or catch them in your own camera. But someone stalking or snooping with a drone? Good luck with that. 


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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV

You know what?  I may be paranoid and some of you may laugh.  But someone somewhere is sooner or later going to figure out how to attach a weapon to one of these.  Not these little toy ones, but the bigger "professional"-type ones.  I'm sure there's already at least one nutjob somewhere working on it.   

Not to mention the numerous problems with privacy that people have already mentioned due to the cameras on board.

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Re: Drones are inappropriate TSV