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Re: Dr. Scholl’s TSV - March 22, 2024

The TSV is flying out now! Needed Alberti and Amy to really sell it. 🤗🤗🤗
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Re: Dr. Scholl’s TSV - March 22, 2024

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I had a pair of navy ones when I was in college, but didn't find them comfortable eough to wear all the time. I know my foot has changed since then, so will pass. Wish they had a footbed.

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Re: Dr. Scholl’s TSV - March 22, 2024

    I remember when Dr. Scholl's reissued the classic real wood sandals with leather uppers in the early 2000's and I absolutely loved them- my lovely parents got me pairs of  them on sale at the time in navy, pink, red, and  lime green and I wore them in high school with so many cute outfits! Smiley Happy


     I didn't order today's TSV, but this TSV inspired me to take a trip down memory lane and look for the wood originals and I looked online and got a coupon and just ordered the classic wood Dr. Scholl's sandals in white leather from famous footwear dot com Smiley Very HappyHeart.  I'm so excited to order the originals and feel them on my feet again- I'm going to rock them this Spring! 

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Re: Dr. Scholl’s TSV - March 22, 2024

I had the original Dr. Scholls sandals back in the 70's with the wooden hard as hard can be sole. No comfort at all. Why oh why did we wear them. So, looking at them brings back painful memories and there are so many other more comfortable options these days, I shall pass.

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Re: Dr. Scholl’s TSV - March 22, 2024

@bargainsgirl wrote:

Very cute but my tired 70 year old feet could never wear these now.  That's all I wore during my college years.  Don't know how I ever walked in those wooden shoes LOL!!


Woman Happy I'm with you girl! These aging feet have hammer and mallet toes, bunions and arthritis. Medical people say the worst sort of sandals one can wear if you have any of these things are sandals that require your toes to grip the footbed. That seems to be what these shoes are all about. 


I do think they're cute and I placed an order--but then commonsense returned, I reminded myself that my feet would not be happy and cancelled it.