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Re: Dr. Scholl's TSV 5/11

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I've never bought this brand from QVC but I have purchased it from other stores and it's is a very hit or miss brand for me.   I own a number of pair of boots, sneakers and sandals.  Some are super comfortable and I could wear them all day, including a higher wedge shootie and boot, and one pair of slip-on sneakers I got rid of after a couple of wearings and a pair of sandals I only wear if I'm going to be sitting most of the time.


I would only buy this brand if I can see them and try them on in the store.  

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I started the TSV show at midnight and was thinking about maybe getting a pair in the morning.


Then, I walked into the bedroom and saw my hanging shoe bags and shelves.


No more footwear for me for a while.

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their brand ambassador is a lovely woman