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Very interesting comments. I was wondering how good the line is. 

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I used Dr Denese for years and I liked her products. Now felt I needed to change and try another product. Now using Dr Gross and I can see a difference. My skin it sensitive and I need to be careful. I received a try me size and I could see a difference. Will try his eye cream next. Just so you know I am in my 70 ties.

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I have been using Hydroshield for over 10 years and wouldn't be without it.  I find her products work well for me.  I have tried others but always go back to Dr. Denese line.

I disagree with the poster who said it left her skin greasy and did not soak in.  My 60 year old skin drinks it in and it feels wonderful.  I use hydroshield and wait 5 minutes to apply any moisture cream or foundation.  The only product of hers I do not use are the firming facial pads.  I did not see any difference in my skin or wrinkles if I used them or not.  This TSV is a good deal for the hydroshield alone.  Anxious to try the new whipped moisturizer and the eye cream.

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I ordered as I used her line for about 8 or 9 years and then  been using a dept. store brand and trying this and that.  Will see how the Dr. D. items work on me now.  I need to stop trying so many brands.  I really liked the Hydroshield years ago.   I didn't like some of her face and eye creams that were supposed to be improved versions.  Going to give her line a try again.  Lots of product for the money in the TSV.

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The one product I do miss that is not put into a kit anymore (although should be) is the Hydroshield Face Emulsion.  It is a rich thick cream and it just felt so good on the skin. I would use it at night and when I woke up my face was hydrated and dewy in appearance. I've moved on however to other brands; I also get good results from Argan Milk and then with the Face Butter on top of it.  JM doesn't contain peptides or hylauranic acid and yet it works just as well.  I think eventually though i will go back to Hydroshield Face is expensive though for 1 piece.  .  

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#OnionSoup - well, you've made your opinion known....and that's fine. I know you think the Dr. Denese products are a waste of money for you. I like them and they work for me. Good for you and good for me. Have a great evening and smile. It's no big deal!

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I love the hydroshield serum!  It's a no brainer for me.  Let's see....spend $199 or spend $129.  I'm kind of interested in her new face cream too.

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Thought this kit was a great value. You’d pay way more if you bought from her directly. The hydro shield and the Dream cream are staples in my beauty bag. I use them on my face, hands, décolleté, and have seen results. I’m 54 but have a disease that constantly hydrates me. I find her products to be very hydrating and take care of those fine line she that have crept in. Can’t wait to try the new eye cream.