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On 5/16/2014 Anniecamp said:

Twocent, that's funny! I already have reduced my dh's closet/storage space to the point of, if he ever left me, it would only take about 10 minutes to pack. lol. He really doesn't care, as he's pretty minimalist about his things. I don't know what I'd do if he was the type to collect stuff.


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I find her to be way to full of herself.  I always feel sorry for the host that has to be there with her.  The bit about the doctor saying thats what happens when u r of a certain age...Check your facts first......We are not all built the same and everyone is beautiful.  But not all so called baby boomers have the same shape.  The quality has gone down so far that if it does recover I will be surprised.....Nothing is the same you can buy 3 pairs and all are different or the chemical smell is so bad u cant handle it.  Even the callers are cut off because she just wont listen...I am not a fan.

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 I don't think Diane comes off as "full of herself" at all.  Just because she isn't some boring guest doesn't mean it's a bad thing . I enjoy watching her demonstrations because she has passion and enthusiasm.  Also, I love her jeggings so much.  They are so comfy and flattering . 

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I don't tend to necropost, but I have to say that everything I've ever ordered from DG has fit me just perfectly. Her sweaters are on the thin side, but such fun colors, and the right length for me.