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I remember years ago walking in a store with my mother and the woman walking in front of us was a very plus size woman. My 88 year old mother looked at me and said, "You know some women just should not wear leggings." How true. I was watching the model on today and thought does she know how bad she looks. She would have looked so much better in a straight leg pant that was her size.  Susan Graver uses the phrase you don't want to look like a sausage casing when describing clothing. 

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IMHO, not all fashions are for all sizes. I think you need to choose wisely.

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Those Deniim & Co. leggings look terrible.  I am a plus size and I saw them on a plus size model this morning, and I am sorry, they looked horrible.  That poor model's legs looked huge!  I would not wear those if someone gave them to me free!  That is the most awful thing I have  ever seen.

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I think they look like typical leggings. They are meant to be very close fitting. However, I believe any cords look good only on thin legs.

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I agree that curvy very chubby or stick thin legged gals just don’t look attractive in skin tight leggings, no matter how much we’re supposed to celebrate all body types!! I’m of the opinion, when you do wear leggings, your top should definitely come down below your hoo hah! Have a little self esteem. Just like wearing such a low cut gravity defying top that an accidental bump and out pops your bosom!!
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Not all leggings look the same. The fabric makes a big difference. 

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Spanx leggings are pretty nice. You  don't have that extra tight bulging look, as long as you purchase the correct size. They run small. D&C clothes have been lackluster in my opinion. I will say the recent Big Deal Sherpa jacket looked very nice! Of course many of the sizes were gone quickly. I must have missed the first presentations of it. Since  QVC 2 became an all replay channel, I don't tune in as I did. Is the Big Deal still presented there live at 9PM. ? 

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Some are not as tight at the ankle. I'm not into legging. I like jeggings for that reason..To each their own. I do not care for a tall inseam being 29" either. Corduroy ankles pants?  

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I just received the Denim & Co corduroy leggings and I think they fit really nice. I purchased the small -  I'm 5'3 and usually wear an 8.  They don't make me look larger, and they don't have so much stretch they look pulled and tight.  Will wear with boots and the corduroy look is super, very happy with purchase!   For the price, I think if you just want to wear them for lounge wear they are great.