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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

It looked awful on her!  She said she was in a small!  She is not a small in my opinion!  It actually turned me off from ordering.  It's too expensive and the could have at least offered free shipping! 

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

A leather jacket is an easy pass for me as I live in Florida.  It never gets remotely cold enough here to get any real use out of it.


However, I did just purchase a Susan Graver faux leather blazer.  The fit is great, the material is soft and leather-like, it has a little stretch for wearing comfort and best of all, it's washable.  I'm all about easy care, no dry cleaning, no leather cleaning, no ongoing expense.

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

@Peppu wrote:

Why on earth do I have to have a living animal killed, increase that much carbon footprint, and make a jacket out of it and pay $200 for it?

No one in 2023 with sane mind would do that.



@Peppu There is far more potential leather available than is used.  Lamb is very popular in a lot of the world.  And a  piece of clothing made of anything increases the carbon footprint--cotton, leather, man-made probably moe than anything else.


So easy:  Just don't buy anything you don't have to have.  Especially body wash, makeup, etc. all in plastics.  

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

@jackthebear wrote:

@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

@RescueLover wrote:
When I saw this Leather Moto Jacket I was very impressed it was done by D&C. Maybe they had it 5 years ago, I don’t remember but I highly doubt it is old inventory. I think Jane looked great layering the jacket over a cowl neck. Kudos to her stylist!

@RescueLover   Maybe not old inventory, as in sitting in a warehouse somewhere.  But old design inventory for sure.  


Gary said this morning the jacket is the same one they did in 2014.

fashion is so fleeting and changing I don't think talking about what you did 7 or more years ago is way to sell

@jackthebear  I agree, except in this case I think they have to address the elephant in the room.  So many people have this jacket from the first launch.  So Gary and the hosts really cannot act as if it's a new TSV item.  


I'm just really surprised they brought it back at all.  But of course if it sells well, they have a winner I guess.  

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

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@skatting44 wrote:

 i noticed the label  says " Studio "  .

 Yes, an old style  in  real leather that  I  already  own from another designer.

For those that don't have this style, look  at the sizing measurements . I noticed JT  wore hers open , it looked a size too small  on her as it did not look  like she could zip it up .


@skatting44   She said she is in a small.  She needs a large.

for the life of me, I can't figure out why every host/model is never in the correct size, there's enough notice to get sizes on set


it doesn't help to sell the clothing when it's unflattering on the body

@jackthebear  Exactly but my guess is she likes saying she is in a small but we all know she is not a smalll.  When you have to constantly be tugging at your shirt==IT IS TO SMALL.  They need to stop letting the Hosts model.  Let the Models do that.

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

I think it's a very nice looking jacket. 

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

@Mindy D I like it too, great quality!

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

Love the jacket. I think Denim and Co is doing exceptionally well with designs lately. I used to like Issac but now I prefer Denim and Company. They are now more fashion forward and definitely trendy. Unfortunately the price is too high for me on this jacket otherwise I would have bought it without hesitation.
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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

@haddon9 wrote:

Not for me. I could never wear this style of jacket but have been looking for a leather jacket and everything lately is faux. Surprisingly this TSV is real!

However, there are no petites. When I checked the size chart the sleeves are a good three inches too long! I can't imagine spending the money to have them professionally done. It doesn't seem worth it.

Why no petites?

And why no talls? A moto hits me in the worst place and looks like I'm wearing something that shrunk. I'm hopeing they bring in more leather in different styles and in talls and petites. At least they're now offering up to a 5X.

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Re: Denim & Company TSV - September 8, 2023

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I just checked it out.  Looks good!  I love that Navy.  I though it was gray! I do have other lamb jackets though.  I'll look at the presentation.  $200.00 is a good price for lamb.