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I think my favorite brand is becoming D&C.  The fit is perfect every time. The quality is there.  Priced right.  Ordered 2 sets of the TSV. Now I will have the essentials I need to layer in Winter.  Here in NY it can get very cold.

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I ordered the purple/gray/blue set and since I'm between L and XL went with XL to go loose cut due to spandex. I plan to layer with vests ir denim jackets and use fashion scarves. Hope the fit! Would have preferred slight shirttail/hi-low hemline rather than straight hem.
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Does anyone know when these will ship?  I'm still waiting for mine.

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I called CS last week, poor lady told me ETA 11/28- I doubt it! Still says advance order on status. Sigh.
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As of Nov 26 still listed as advance order- cancelled my order today. Was not told that there would be this long a wait when ordered!