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The item number is A306777

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I like that it's gauze and a bit longer.  I'm not so sure if I like where the bell hits, but I ordered it in blue.  After I see a presentation, I may order another.

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i need a navy blouse. any order number??


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I think it's a cute top but I don't like gauze. It's too clingy and it shrinks a lot.

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Bell sleeves are this season's fashion trend. I've seen them in stores and if you check HSN, they also have bell sleeves on some of their clothing.

As for the trend....only if the sleeves are not too long or they'll get wet/dirty. This doesn't look too bad and I am also wondering why it's not in white. 

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I just ordered this in three colors, black, new stone, and fresh blue. I tend to be on the upper end of medium and lower end of large, so I went with the large hoping for a roomy, airy fit. I love that the sleeves are not so long that I'll be dragging them in everything. I love gauze, that was the biggest draw for me, hoping that it's not clingy and doesn't shrink! I am in AZ so this could be an all year round top for me. I'm guessing they didn't offer it in white because it would have been too see-thru without lining it. I wish there was a yellow, orange,red, and/or navy option, would have been all over that! Hopefully those of us who took the leap will be happy Woman Happy

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Easy pass because their clothes shrink like crazy.

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Re: Denim & Co. TSV Presale

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I don't like the bell sleeves or the tassel. Also, I wonder what it looks like on petites. I am unsure about the gauze material.

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That's a cute blouse.  But I must be the only person who thinks gauze is hot. I've had a few gauze tops and felt extremely hot in them.  No gauze or seersucker for me. I find seersucker too warm too.  I guess I'm just a freak.

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I like the style and generally like gauze but in the past D&C gauze was stiff and scratchy... If it’s soft, might order.