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I hadn't thought about it but the colors do seem more Spring than Fall.  Although I there is a purpleish color that I like for Fall.  I'm not buying it because it's chenille and I just don't care for chenille.

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Just looks like a darn sloppy sweat shirt

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@Susan Louise wrote:

The item # is A371644 (regular) and A371646 (petite)


It's a pass for me...

The colors IMO remind me of those for a Spring TSV...not for Fall. I was thinking rich colors like wine, chocolate, chestnut, olive or forest green, black, rich gold, dark teal and deep purple. I don't consider the length a tunic length either.


I also checked out the other 'new' Denim & Co pieces there is nothing new that I like...relieved since I have bought a lot lately restocking my wardrobe after dropping several sizes.


For those interested in any of the new garments...enjoy! Smiley Happy



The colors are very drab to me. I like your suggestions much better!

Football is my favorite season.
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I have 5 other tops in this fabric and love them. Just trying to justify another. I think calling it chennile is putting people off. It's really more like a sheered fleece and much sturdier than chennile.   The only thing I don't know about are those pockets which seem to bulge out but, as usual, most models and hosts are wearing it in one size too small!  Why do they do that?  Makes a bad impression of the item. 


Colors -  I don't understand saying they don't look like Autumn. To me, Spring colors would be pastels like light pink or blue, mint green, etc.  And, in fact, I would love to see some winter items in those colors. I get tired of all dark or drab colors thru the cold weather. 

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@Kindaglitzy Yes, it is nicely stretchy but nothing drastic

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It's a cute top...except for those pockets. Every time they show it on one of the models the pockets seem to poof outward making them look poofy in those areas. 

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I agree with the color assessment, poor choice of colors considering this is FALL. Does look like left overs from spring! Also the heaviest set models and hosts would show off the clothes if proper sizes were worn. Current host looks very uncomfortable plus has some wrinkled ruffled stuff sticking out unevenly at bottom, very odd!
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        I own several tops made in this same fabric - probably four/five years old. Those tops had a crew neck and no pockets - am glad that mine do not have pockets!!   I do like the neckline of this new offer though...

        Very comfortable but...I hardly wear them.  They are just too warm for my geographical area!!  I live in a Sun City - 302 days of sun a year!! We get maybe two/three days of snow that melts by noon.  It just doesn't get cold enough to wear more often.

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Why are they so often in size too small???  Where are the people  (stylists??) Who should be taking care of putting people in the correct size?

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Pat is wearing the ivory top and it is too small. It doesn't look good. Something is off with the way it fits on the bottom.