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Re: Denim & Co. Big Deal Swim Suit

@DeniseColo.  No, haven't been there for quite a few years but the new pools sound interesting.  I find in summer I really don't like that warm water; cool feels better.

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Re: Denim & Co. Big Deal Swim Suit

@BunSnoop  I actually like this suit very much, and, the ruffle doesn't bother me at all.  I'm not sure how it would look on me though.  I'm in my 70's and my middle is thick.   It just looks very resort like to me.   

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Re: Denim & Co. Big Deal Swim Suit

Denim & Company makes great swimsuits!  I LIVE on the beach (well, actually in my house), and the suits I put on before any other are my Denim & Company suits.  HOWEVER, I don't care from swim dresses.  You have to take the whole dern thing off just to pottie.  Therefore, I prefer their tankinis.


Last summer I bought a Fit4You swimdress (my first) and while it was darn cute, it was a pain to take off everytime I had to come indoors to pottie.  After a few cold ones I just ran into the ocean...HA!  I ended up donating it because I just didn't like wearing it, because of all my Denim & Company tankinis.


Swimdresses are cute for resort wear.  You can run around in them and feel like your dressed but then jump in the pool or ocean when you feel like it.

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