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Dear Forum Ladies:

Any reviews on Today's Special Value J354679 Tennis Bracelet Diamonique? Thank you so much for any help. Sincerely, 

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Re: Dear Forum Ladies:

I think the Q features too many tennis bracelets.This one is lovely and a little different,but I have not purchased it. If I needed a TB this is the one I would want.

Later for you
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Re: Dear Forum Ladies:

Its not likely anyone has received it yet, let alone reviewed it.

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Re: Dear Forum Ladies:

@hollysunshineI watched Jill this afternoon for ten minutes.  I think they sold thousands of them -  just because I have one doesn't mean someone else also does.  Or someone wants more.


Actually I do have several tennis bracelets and considered adding another.  That would be more than ridiculous because I seldom wear any of the pretty bracelets I alrready have, but put one in front of me and the temptation is right there!


By the way, they also sell lots of hoop earringa and lots of necklaces.  But that's jewelry for you.

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Re: Dear Forum Ladies:

Is this a new item?  I thought I had seen it before.  I also heard Jill say that many have been sold previously.  This is also not the first time I have gone to look for reviews on an item (not a new one) being presented and reviews are not displayed.  

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Re: Dear Forum Ladies:

I don't have it, not buying this time.

It looks very petite but the box clasp looks better than what they've offered in the past.   The last bracelet I purchased had a very short tongue and the side clasps were very small.