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Does anyone know if they are going to have a Duraflame TSV before Christmas? 

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Not sure about what is upcoming, but they just had a duraflame tsv that was a lantern style heater. 

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In checking the December Inside Q there is not a Duraflame TSV listed.

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They just had one a few weeks ago, so I highly doubt it. There will be a lot of clothing and electronics from here on out. 

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Someone else asked this a few weeks ago, I saw Beth the mod reply that she believes there will be a Duraflame TSV at the end of December.

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There will be a Duraflame QVC2 Big Deal on 12/8, I believe. I would love to know what it will be!

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That is what the program guide says.  I hope so.  I am looking for another fireplace for my sunroom.

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I was told by a contractor that the Duraflame heaters can substantially increase your natural Gas bill.  It is a giant pass from me. Don't like the look of them either just another bulky item that takes up space.

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Duraflame is electric not gas.  Should not affect a gas bill.  I love mine, I have 2.

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We have owned several of them-they tend to "have legs" and walk out of the house as our kids move out!  LOL!  Our house is big and we found it has cut our heating bill to be able to warm up the room we are in vs. increasing the heat on the central unit and warm up the entire house.  We can keep our themostat lower on the furnace and warm the room we are in with the Duraflame much cheaper.  DH is not in love with the fake fireplace look but does love the heat these put out.  They are quiet and I think they look nice.