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Do the lengths on this dress look inconsistent to yall?    I am sure Carolyn is wearing a regular but the dress hits longer on her than other models the same height.   On the petite models, two different prints shown on the same model have hit her calf in very different places.


it's not about shoe height either.   

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TSV dress sizing?

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Any sizing info anywhere? 

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Yeah I see a slight difference.


Don't forget the chest area can make a slight difference..... - larger bust takes material to cover..................

Flat chested needs less.........

I like mid-calf and not Carolyn's example - too long for me.  ...

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I think maybe a model could be wearing a petite and then a regular one later. 

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@buyornot wrote:

Any sizing info anywhere? 



The garment measurements are always on the product page under: "Click here".


Whether they're accurate or not is another question.

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Yeah, I know.  I use those all the time!     I just wonder if there may be certain prints that are cut longer than others and not to specs. 

it is true the bust line could make a big difference!   I hadn't thought of that!