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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

This suit is a winner!!! I bought two last year, which I think have since sold out and I was so happy to see it back as a TSV. I got the tropical print and the blue print and both or GORGEOUS and the best fitting style suit I think I have ever had. Get lots of compliments and can't wait to wear the new prints. These are great for those with tummy issues and the fabric is soft and flowing in all the right places. I can be a L or XL in Denim & Co. and the size 14 in these is a good fit.


I also got the matching coverup which I think has sold out and beautiful style!!! I am however disappointed that it is described a "french terry". It has too much spandex in it to be a true french terry and I think it will be too warm in the hot summer months with 3/4 sleeves but I am keeping it as looks so great with a matching swimsuit and will wear in the early and late summer. Please make more cover ups with a softer and lighter hand. (I have the hooded front zip 3/4 sleeve cover up and find that one two warm and stretchy also)/


If on the fence, just order one of these suit!

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

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I love it!  I usually wear D&C size 14, but I've been losing weight, so I took a chance and ordered the 12.  It fits perfectly.  Do not size up.


I have another 2-pc tankini suit (different brand) and the skirt just barely covered the brief underneath.  This TSV covers just right, but is not long at all -- perfect length.  I prefer the skirt style because I have never had that "thigh gap" and swim shorts always ride up between my legs.  I was always re-positioning them -- very awkward look. 


I will definitely also wear the TSV top separately as a top with jean shorts, or a skort.  It does not hug the body tightly, so it shows no bra roll in the back.  The underneath layer acts like a smoother, out of sight.

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

I didn't get the TSV but I did get a Denim & Co. swimsuit last year that's very similar in style.  Gary had mentioned that it was the same suit from last year which I think is very cute.


As for sizing issues I got a 14 since I usually wear a large.  The fit is fine however I'm a D cup and don't feel like I get the support that I normally get with one of my bras.  I feel too "bouncy" with the top and as a result I don't really wear it.  The bottom is cute and comfortable but I really prefer shorts rather than a skirt. 


My quest for the perfect suit continues.

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

Well, I'm kind of disappointed in mine.  I got the black, and maybe that was part of the problem, but I didn't care for the other prints and colors so much (for me) and I thought the model who wore the all black suit and coverup looked very nice.


I'm glad others are happy with theirs, but I think it makes me look the dreaded "matronly" word.  Like an older woman in an older woman's bathing suit, which I am, I guess. 


I'm 70 and 5'4', around 125 lbs, but I have unattractive upper legs and now with age my upper arms are not perfect, although not terrible.  I lift weights seriously, so you would think that would help, and it does to a degree. I've just become very self conscious of all the age changes and thought this would skim over a lot of problems.


Maybe had I chosen a color it would look different.  I have two more suits coming, one with a plaid top and one with a polka dot top, maybe I will have better luck with one of those.

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

I have never ordered a bathing suit online. I have always felt that it was best to try it on in a store because fit is difficult enough as it is, much less taking a chance with an online order. However, knowing I could exchange this item, (if I needed another size) did help with the decision to take that chance to purchase. I purchased the black suit - in my regular size - I did not size up, as I would typically do with a swimsuit. It fit perfectly, has a quality feel to it and is definitely slimming. I like that the back of the suit top comes up high enough on your back and the straps r not spaghetti straps. I love the high/low appearance, but the front is not too high where it is revealing. The bra support is snug for me - not tight - but secure. It is the type of swimsuit that if u had to go to a public venue to swim - u would feel very comfortable not wearing a coverup.  I'm glad I took the chance on it. Fellow reviewers r always such a help in making purchasing choices. It is nice that we can let each other know our opinions. 

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

I wish I could say I loved the suit but it looked horrible on me.  I did size up from a 14 to 16 because I have the midriff pooch going on.  The bottoms were too big but the tankini lining was too tight and uncomfortable.  I thought maybe it was the wrong size..  The printed fabric was large enough but I couldn't stand the tight lining.  I am not a large busted woman but even so there was no support in that area.   I loved the colors.  Blue animal and black floral.  It appeared to be made of quality material.  I really need new bathing suits for our pool and for our trip this summer to the beach.  I was so disappointed.  The search continues. 

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

I was at the Lancaster, PA QVC outlet yesterday and they had many that were returns. I wasn't looking for a swimsuit so I didn't really check them out.


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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

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I ordered the black floral suit.  I am 53 and wear a normal D & C size Large or the 16 size of the large.  I ordered the size 16 suit.  I wear a 40 D in the bust area and am curvey.  I put the suit on and it was so comfortable right out of the bag that I never wanted to take it off.  I had to of course as the day was a rare over cast and cold one for Southern California.  The bra portion of the top fit well and the straps didn't need to be adjusted but it is nice that I will be able to if needed in the future.  When putting on the top I stepped into it and pulled it up over my body and onto my shoulders.  Worked perfectly.  Then I pulled up the swim skirt and I just left the tigher under shirt portion were it was so that the swim skirt was over it.  If felt right like that.  I did remove the under shirt portion of the fop from under the swim skirt and then the suit didn't fit quiet as well.  The swim skirt wanted to ride up and so did the under part of the top.  My suggestion is to just order your normal D&C size as is recommended and then wear the heack out of it.  It is the best fitting suit I have had in many many years.

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Re: D&C swimsuit TSV reviews?...

i ordered a size up. i dont care what they say, I've always done that.