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Re: D&C TSV for Dec 2

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Not warm enough for me.Looks cheaply made.

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Re: D&C TSV for Dec 2

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I just can't bring myself to order this sweater especially after seeing the presentations. To be honest, the sweater doesn't really look that good on anyone so I'm thinking it surely won't look good on me either. Disappointed! I wanted to like it but I'm passing this one by.


It looks better on the the hanger imho.

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No more Denim & Co. for me. In sooooo many

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I like pockets, but not on this sweater, it's not a good look. 

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Looks like it was pulled out of the Rag Bag.

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      Sweater has absolutely no shape, horrible pockets that drag and weird finish on hem.  And where is any blue color??

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Too long & too thin. I don't like the sleeves or pockets either. 

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Such a bad design choice on the sleeves, just accentuates a large arm!!!! I love the V-Neck and the pockets, the square hem, but those sleeves prevent me from ordering.

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A definite, NO! This looks like a bargain bin Kohl's item

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I passed. It did not look flattering.